PowPow Moto - Jet Black - HI-FI Spare QuickGrip Lens
PowPow Moto - Jet Black - HI-FI Spare QuickGrip Lens
PowPow Moto - Jet Black - HI-FI Spare QuickGrip Lens

PowPow Moto - Jet Black - HI-FI Spare QuickGrip Lens

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*This is a spare lens only, this is not a full goggle set*

All our goggles feature our QuickGrip magnetic lens system and HI-FI high contrast lenses making it easy to spot any changes in terrain! Easily pop your lens on and off to swap lens colors in a matter of seconds! Each frame and lens has nine strong magnets that will secure your lens in place until you are ready to swap it out. 



-HI-FI High Contrast Lens

-QuickGrip Magnetic Lens System

-Anti-Scratch + Anti-Fog Lens

-Tear Off Ready

-Water Repellent Lens

-100% UV Protection

-VLT = 17.9% Visual Light Transmittance (good for sunny/cloudy days)

QuickGrip Magnetic Lens

Our QuickGrip Magnetic Lens System uses super strong rare-earth magnets (the strongest type of magnets made from alloys of rare-earth elements) to keep your lens attached to the frame even during the gnarliest of wipeouts. These bad boys seriously are not going anywhere until you're ready to swap your lens out!


Anti Fogging Technology

Eliminating fog is the name of the game! All our goggles have vents on the top and bottom of the frame that help keep the airflow circulating. On top of that all our lenses are made with anti-fogging coating built into the lens itself. This means the coating is permanent and cannot be wiped away after cleaning the inside of your lens like most of the anti fog coatings other companies use.


The Lens

All lenses feature our Hi-Fi lens! Hi-Fi is our high contrast filter we build into our lenses to help define terrain and make everything super clear! Lenses also have an anti-scratch coating. Unfortunately a completely scratch proof lens has not been developed yet for any lenses out there but our anti-scratch coating is going to do its best to protect your lenses and give them a nice long life! All lenses are also 100% UV protective and are tear off ready. Each color lens has a different VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating. The higher the VLT number the more light that comes through. For example our Crystal Clear Lens has a VLT of 82% which is great for night time or very low light conditions and our Purple Lens has a VLT of 11.6% and is awesome for sunny/cloudy days. All other colors fall somewhere in between these two.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel S.
Best goggles ever

I've had several pairs of goggles through the years, all of which weren't bad but changing the lenses was always what was their biggest downfall. They always inevitably broke from all the moving parts. These are absolutely amazing, I absolutely love them. Best part is I don't even have to take them off to change out lenses. So awesome.

Todd N.
Rad lenses

These lenses are amazing for MTB. Great in the SoCal sun. Don't fog, no glare all around excellent!!


Was looking for an in between for partly sunny kind of days or early morning rides thatstill have lots of shadows in the trails. These meet that perfectly. Allowing enough light in while in the trees and block enough not to blind me in the open areas.

Micah N.
Awesome Lenses!!

Love the ease of the magnets on these! I typically carry a clear lens and a lighter tint lens, and the ability to quickly swap them out throughout my ride sessions is a huge plus.

Ernesto T.

Great goggles! Easy to use and hold up pretty well. Provide excellent visibility through day & night. Definitely recommend them!