Break a pair get a pair:

Your shades are covered for 6 months! We want you guys to actually put your shades to use and not worry about babying them on adventures. So if life throws you a curve ball and you break them within this period just send them back and we will get them repaired or replaced, no questions asked!

Scratched lenses are not covered. Limit to amount of times you can claim a warranty replacement is once per pair. 

Snow/Moto Goggles:

All our goggles are backed by an industry-leading LIFETIME warranty against defects in workmanship and manufacturer materials. Warranty does not protect against improper use, improper repair of the goggles, or scratched lenses. 


If you need to file a warranty claim please send us an email to hello@detoursunglasses.com with a picture of the issue. We typically respond within 1 business day.


$5 add-on: LIFETIME $25 Replacement Plan

This warranty add-on gets you $25 replacements for life! What that means is if you lose, break, damage, or your sunglasses get stolen you can get a brand new replacement pair for $25 and yes that even includes shipping!

Lifetime = Your lifetime. 

Unlimited = Get a replacement as many times as you need. 

Use it 2 weeks after purchase, 2 months, 20 years, or all of the above! 


Disclaimer: This is for personal use only and can not be used for resale. If we determine you are abusing the program your warranty can be revoked. Replacement pair must be the same exact pair that was purchased. If that pair is no longer available the next closest match will be given. If you order multiple pairs but only 1 warranty you will be locked into the first pair you use a claim on. You must purchase multiple warranties in order to protect multiple pairs. This is valid only on sunglasses and blue light blockers. Goggles and accessories are excluded from the program.


To file for a replacement just email us at hello@detoursunglasses.com and we will send over the invoice for the replacement.