Rep Acceptance Letter

Congrats! You have been chosen to be a part of the Detour Rep program!  Follow the steps below to get all set up!

  • Rep Packs (Optional):
    1. Purchase a rep pack!
      1. Rep Pack:

1 pair + tank + rep cards - $25

2 pairs + tank + rep cards - $35

3 pairs + tank + rep cards - $45

4 pairs + tank + rep cards - $65


Rep pack also includes stack of rep cards. These have a space for you to write your rep code so you can give them to people that are interested in getting 20% off their first order.

IMPORTANT: Use one time code, 5WKGXSCRFGGK at checkout to receive 50% off. Above links and codes are not to be given out or purchased for anyone but you.


Rep Code:

During sign up you created a custom rep code. This will allow the people you refer to get 15% off their purchase. This code is also traceable so your commission will be generated and tracked by this code or your referral link.

Do NOT post any rep codes or links on any coupon sites. You will not be given credit for these referrals and risk getting your affiliate account closed.


Extra Information:

  1. How to get paid.
    1. Add your PayPal email on your referral page under settings > payment settings. Once your PayPal email is added you will get a payout from us once a month as long as your commission is at least $10.  If your commission is less and you’d like your payout just email us and we will manually issue your payout. If you do not yet have a PayPal account you can still accumulate commission and it can be paid out at a later date when your PayPal is set up and linked to your affiliate account.
  2. How to collect free product.
    1. You will be responsible for tracking your amount of referrals. Once you get to 5 just email us at and we will verify your account and send the free product of your choice.

Tips on how to be successful:

  1. Word of mouth to your friends and your peers is a great start but eventually you will have to get creative and think outside of the box.
  2. Use Facebook groups, social media, forums, and anywhere there might be a large group of people to your advantage. Contact admins, reach out to people that have access to mailing lists, etc. Be creative!
  3. Post pictures on your social media along with your referral code. Feel free to use any of our pictures from our Instagram and Facebook page.




Below you can find some examples of ways to post.

Facebook post with image for our website or one you’ve taken:

“Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know I recently became a rep for Detour Sunglasses so if you or anyone you know is in the market for some sweet new shades I would really appreciate it if you could share this post or send them my way. If you’re interested you can help us both by using my code: (insert your rep code) for 20% off your order!   *Include our website link at bottom of the post.

Instagram sales:

One way some reps have been using instagram outside of their followers is by searching hashtags and commenting on the pictures. One example is searching the hashtag sunglasses and commenting on relevant photos saying, “Awesome shot! If you want to pick up a pair of the worlds best shades at 20% off check out the link in my bio and use my code: (insert your rep code)”


Instagram Story:



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us. Our rep program success relies on you and your rep program success relies on us so if you need help with anything or want to brainstorm ideas we are always available to chat!  Email us at with any questions or concerns!





Bulk Orders:

  1. Get an organization, club, your sorority/frat, or other sorority/frat’s involved (15 pair minimum):
    1. For bulk orders of 15+ sunglasses compensation is 10%.
      • For every 15 pairs sold you will receive a free pair of your choice.
    2. Contact us for setting up bulk order payments. Do not use your referral link.


Terms & conditions

COMPENSATION (Referral Link):

  1. 15% on all sales you make. With our referral system you can see how much you have earned and also how many product you’ve sold.
  2. 1 free pair for every 5 referral orders


  1. 10% on all bulk orders
  2. 1 free pair for every 15 sold in bulk


  1. If you know of any stores or boutiques that would be a great fit for Detour you can talk to the store owner and tell them a little about our brand. If they are interested in carrying Detour you can put them in contact with us and you will get $100 for each store that places their first order with us.


  1. Represent the brand in a positive way in person and on social media
  2. Work towards creating a strong brand presence for Detour
  3. Must be exclusive to Detour (no promoting for competitor brands)


  1. List yourself as a ‘Detour Rep’ for Detour Sunglasses on Facebook (optional)
  2. Follow @detoursunglasses on Instagram and Facebook
  3. Put “@DetourSunglasses Brand Ambassador” or “@DetourSunglasses Brand Rep” in your Instagram Bio
Use tag @detoursunglasses on all relevant Instagram photos, etc.

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