The Best Sunglasses for Guys With Big Heads

Sometimes when we go to buy sunglasses and try a pair on, there’s something just off about them. Cheap material, poor lens visibility , or an awkward fit - sometimes some glasses don’t live up to the hype. Finding that special pair, one that stands out from the pack, isn’t easy. If you’re a guy with a big head, then we have some sunnies that go above and beyond for you - The Big Kahuna and The Coastal XL. Say goodbye to showing up to your local mall only to be disappointed by their ‘Extra Large’ options. If you want sunglasses that fit great and look even better on your melon, Detour’s premiere XL sunnies are just for you. Today, we’ll go over what exactly makes these “The most bang for your buck” XL Sunglasses out there. 

UV 400 Protection: Keeping Your Eyes Safe and Healthy

UV 400 Polarized Lenses are THE key feature to look out for when purchasing your next pair of sunnies. Sunglasses with UV 400 protection prevent long term damage to your eyes - without them you run the risk of getting cataracts and macular degeneration, Photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes) and developing certain types of eye cancer. Sunglasses without UV400 not only fall short of protecting your eyes, you’d actually be better off wearing no sunglasses at all. The tint on non-UV protected sunglasses dilates your eyes, leading them to soaking in more UV rays, the exact opposite of what you want. With our Premier Sunglasses for Big Heads, we want to provide you with phenomenal protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

To learn more about UV 400, click HERE

Super Durable Sunnies

Our XL sunglasses are designed to withstand whatever life throws at you. One key feature is that both The Big Kahunas and The Coastal XLs come equipped with impact resistant lenses, they are designed to withstand the everyday elements of your active lifestyle.  Further, both the Big Kahuna and Coastal Xl are outfitted with Spring Loaded Side Hinges, meaning the hinges can bend both towards and away from the hinge. This style of hinge brings increased durability and supreme comfort to your sunglasses. Say goodbye to accidental snaps and breaks. Once you get spring hinges in your sunglasses, you’ll never go back. Both The Big Kahuna and Coastal XL offer phenomenal durability without sacrificing comfort, what more could you ask for? 

The Big Kahuna: An Awesome Set of Shades

The Big Kahuna is one of our premiere pairs of X-tra Large sunglasses. These sunnies are durable, with their impact resistant lenses, hinge frames, UV400 Polarization, all while fitting big heads just right. Coming in at 151 mm wide, 51 mm tall and 153 mm deep, there are few sunglasses that fit on your Melon while also being packed with so many awesome features.

Wherever you take The Big Kahunas, they are going to look great on you. Take them to the beach, out for a long hike, or for a quick drive down to the store. There is no place The Big Kahuna won’t come in handy. We offer tons of unique lens colors that you can choose from too! The always-in-vogue Matte Black Frame with The Jet Black Lenses are an excellent choice. If you want a lens color that really pops, check out our brand new Blue Gold Gradient Lenses. I’d recommend checking out one of our Team’s favorite colors: The Green Machine Polarized. 

Our Big Kahuna also has a specialized Z87 model that is ANSI Z87 certified by The American National Standards institute. In short, these glasses are specifically tested and rated for use in jobs where flying objects and debris, hazardous chemicals and/or exposure to harmful radiation are possible. The Big Kahuna Z87 rises to the occasion in all of these areas, all while keeping the many great features that make the Big Kahuna a superb pair of sunglasses. 

Click HERE to learn more about ANSI Z87.

Click HERE for the Big Kahuna Z87. 


Check out what fans of The Big Kahuna have to say: 

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads

These are the best sunglasses! I’m a big guy and the average pair squeeze my head, causing headaches after wearing them for any length of time. Not these, I can wear them comfortably all day. I’m hooked! - Steven R

Awesome for Big Heads!!

I was skeptical at first because I’ve bought plenty of “XL” frames and they all sucked! These are the real deal!! - Matt L 

Finally Big Headed Sunglasses

They don't just kinda fit big heads like most products. These sit like they were made for my huge noggin. I know they were, it's still nice. - Sean T

Click HERE for our Big Kahuna Collection.


Coastal XL: The Maverick 

The Coastal XL is our ‘Sun’s Out-Fun's Out’ Style Aviator for Big Heads. Harness your inner maverick with our take on this iconic frame. Coming in at 144 mm wide, 52 mm tall, and 153 deep, the Coastal XL is a stylish frame made for your melon. At Detour, we offer you a great selection of colors : A sleek Matte Silver Frame with Blue Gradient lenses, a Stylish Gold Frame with Brown Gradient lenses, and the timeless Clean Black Frame with Jet Black lenses. One stand out feature on our Coastal XL are the metal ends of the side arms, giving you a premium ‘around the ear’ fit. If you want to harness your inner maverick, look no further than the Coastal XL.

If you’re looking to find the coastals in a smaller size for yourself, family or friends you can check out the regular size Coastal Sunglasses HERE. You can get all that makes the Coastal XL a phenomenal pair of sunnies in a smaller package. 


What people are saying about The Coastal XL: 

Better than expected!

Haven't worn aviators in years because I can't find any that fit my big head . After loving my big kahuna's decide to try these , and wow these are my new favorite sunglasses and fit perfectly can't wait to buy my next pair! - Seth S. 

Best sunglasses

As a man with a larger than should be allowed head, finding these sunglasses that ACTUALLY fit and look good. Game changer, I will be purchasing more immediately. - Tyler W. 

Aviator 🤓

These aviator glasses are sweet, holy crap they’re amazing. Highly recommend them. - Andrew M. 

Click HERE for the Coastal XL Collection. 


There are few Sunglasses made for Big Heads out there and there aren’t any XL sunglasses that are this feature packed that won’t break the bank. With these sunglasses, you get lenses that are impact resistant and have UV400 polarization, keeping your eyes safe in more ways than one. Each of our frames are designed to comfortably fit larger heads beyond just ‘being big’. The Big Kahuna is made of a comfortable material and sports a padded inner nose bridge, while the Coastal XL is a lightweight XL frame with adjustable nose and ear tips. Outside of being feature packed, these sunnies have a wide assortment of frames and lens options, giving you so many great choices! With the Big Kahuna and The Coastal XL, finding sunglasses for your big head just got way easier. 





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