What Can Prescription Sunglasses Do for You?

As anyone with vision problems can tell you, keeping poor eyesight in check is a frustrating daily challenge. Whether it’s contacts, eyeglasses or a mix of both, we all have our favorite methods of dealing with eyesight problems. But if you haven't done so already, you should consider adding prescription sunglasses to your eyewear arsenal.

Prescription sunglasses are one of the most flexible and useful options for people with vision problems to protect their eyes from sun exposure. Continue reading to learn the valuable benefits of prescription sunglasses and why they are an important part of caring for your eyes.

What Types of Lenses Are There for Sunglasses?

If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, there’s a wide variety of different lenses available to help you guard your eyes from sun damage. Some of the most popular options are:

  • transition lenses
  • clip-ons
  • box-style sunglasses made to fit over regular glasses
  • tinted prescription lenses

Of course, all these choices come with pros and cons.

Like the name suggests, transition lenses are clear when worn indoors but automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. However, the transition is only triggered by direct sunlight, so if you’re in bright indirect light these lenses may not protect you. This can cause extra problems if you’re driving, since a windshield may filter out some sunlight but leave your vision obscured by glare. Transition lenses may also have trouble working in cold conditions.

Clip-ons are tinted non-prescription lenses that you can attach to a regular pair of eyeglasses. This removes the unreliability of transition lenses, giving you the ability to pop on glare-reducing lenses at your convenience. But they aren’t without shortcomings. Clip-ons add additional weight to your glasses and can be accidentally knocked off quite easily if you’re moving around a lot or performing manual work.

 Another option is boxy wrap-around sunglasses made to fit over your regular prescription glasses. These are often designed primarily for driving and similar situations and can be quite cumbersome if you’re moving around.

 A final option is tinted prescription lenses. These lenses are tinted like regular sunglasses as well as built to match your specific eyewear prescription.

 Keep Your Eyes Safe and Healthy.

We all need to keep our eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays. UV400 Polarized Lenses are THE key feature in sunglasses to keep your eyes safe and healthy. Without UV400 protection, you’re exposing your eye to harmful UVA rays, which lead to cataracts and macular degeneration as well as Photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes) and even some forms of eye cancer. Wearing eyewear without UV400 can enhance the amount of UV rays you expose your eyes to - so having a pair of prescription sunglasses you can count on is crucial to long term eye health. 

To read more about UV400, click HERE

Customize Them Your Way. 

When ordering your prescription lenses, depending on the manufacturer, you get a wide variety of features to choose from. In order to provide prescription lenses for our customers, Detour is partnered with Lensabl. The folks over at Lensabl offer tons and tons of great options. They offer various tints and mirrored lens options. Beyond that, they offer highly durable lens options, like Polycarbonate Lens and they offer a swath of stylized options for the edges of your frame.

Whatever you would want done to your sunglasses, you can do thanks to the great people over at Lensabl. 

Click HERE to learn more about Lensabl. 

Take a Break From Your Contacts.

Contacts are amazing for people who need help seeing- they are discreet and let you wear your favorite pair of non-prescription shades. Everyone who wears contacts knows that not everyday is a contact day. Maybe you’re waiting for your next order of contacts and you ran out earlier than you expected. Could be that you didn’t have time in the morning to put them on - whatever the reason, you can’t always have your contacts. Sometimes you get up late and just need to throw your glasses on, other times you might have a rough day with allergies and just can’t be bothered to put your contacts in. Thankfully, sunglasses are easy to throw on and off at your leisure. Prescription sunglasses remove all of the hassle that comes with contacts. Just throw them on your favorite pair of prescription shades you’re good to go!

Prescription sunglasses are quick, easy, and functional! Saving you from all the hassle that comes with the alternatives, prescription glasses are a great addition to those who need a prescription to have clear vision. Having a pair of sunglasses that only looks great, but also keeps your eyes safe from harmful UV Rays is a must. Whether you want to choose how durable your lenses are, add special features to the color of your lens or customize your frame to your liking, purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses from Lensabl provides you with a pair of sunglasses that are made to fit all of your needs. 

We at Detour are partnered with Lensabl to offer our signature sunnies with all the features you need to make them the best sunglasses out there!

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