Big Kahuna - Treibholz - Tiefschwarz polarisiert
Big Kahuna - Treibholz - Tiefschwarz polarisiert

Big Kahuna - Treibholz - Tiefschwarz polarisiert

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Unsere Big Kahunas sind unsere XL-Sonnenbrille für große Köpfe! Wenn Sie Schwierigkeiten hatten, eine Sonnenbrille zu finden, die zu Ihrem großen Kopf passt, suchen Sie nicht weiter!

Ein großer Rahmen für die großen Hunde! Big Kahuna ist unsere größte Fassung, die wir anbieten, und passt normalerweise wie angegossen für diejenigen, die Schwierigkeiten haben, eine Sonnenbrille zu finden, die auf ihrem Kopf nicht zu klein aussieht.
Dieser Rahmen verfügt über eine einzigartige und handgefertigte dunkelgraue Holzstruktur mit mattschwarzer Oberfläche auf der Innenseite. Dies ist eine Premiere für unsere Rahmen und wir sind super begeistert von diesem Ergebnis!

• XL-Rahmengröße
• Komfortable Federscharniere
• Polarisierter UV400-Schutz
• Schlagfeste Linsen – FDA-zugelassen
• Kostenlose Umleitungstasche inklusive

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Scratched lenses are not covered. Limit to amount of times you can claim a warranty replacement is once per pair. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2626 reviews
Emmanuel O.
Perfect sunglasses

sunglasses look and fit better than expected.. perfect size for a big guy.. Will definitely be getting another pair.

John W.

Love my sunglasses they fit and look great!!!

Braden P.
Great for the price

Best sunglasses for us big headed folk that I've found for that price!!

Roberto M.
Love the quality though!

I enjoy my sunglasses but the part that rests on my ears is not long enough to sit over my ear properly, they need to be longer to fit bigger heads. I also would've loved them to be darker shade tint. Like i said, the quality I'm okay with.

David B.
Lightweight and what I expected!

They live up to the hype! Get you a pair! Matter of fact get two!!

Brian W.
Great glasses

Very comparable to high $$ brands. They feel like quality sunglasses and look great. I’ll buy again.

Jennifer W.
Big Head approved.

I’ve already struggled to find good sunglasses that fit my head. I didn’t want to drop $150 on oakleys and just went with a 3/$12 pack from Amazon. Same style. I’m not saying I have the biggest head but it’s big enough and these fit great. I would recommend checking to see if your head is really as big as you think before buying. These are definitely made for big heads. My wife got them for me for Father’s Day. Been a long time since I’ve had a nice pare of polarized lenses. Keeps things bright without the pain. I wear my sunglasses all the time due to light sensitivity. Highly recommended.


I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my head and these actually fit and not a bad price to