Blue Light Blockers: Benefits

Blue Light Blockers: Benefits

Millions of people today are staring at computer screens and various gadgets for at least 5 hours a day. For the convenience of using smartphones, tablets and computers, many people sacrifice their eye strain and headaches.


Long hours of computer work result prolonged visual stress:

  • headaches
  • deterioration of vision
  • dryness and fatigue of eyes
  • burning or itching eyes
  • double image
  • pain in shoulders and neck




Any screen on the phone generates blue-violet spectrum rays. Due to the short wavelength, the blue rays are easily diffused into the eye, resulting in reduced image contrast and reduced vision. Most modern phones and monitors do not save eyes from the blue part of the spectrum.

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Wearing blue light blockers will help you to:

  •     Reduce eye stress
  •     Improve your sleep
  •     Fight against age-related macular degeneration


At Detour, we offer quality blue light blockers that won’t break your bank. They diffuse harmful rays that are emitted from TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and fluorescent and LED lighting.

Blue light blockers are a valuable investment to help you stay focused without straining your eyes or causing headaches!



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