Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner, but fret not! We've got you covered with our Gift Guide, ensuring that your dad will feel appreciated. 


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Aviators have a classic and timeless design that originated from their use in aviation, particularly by pilots. Over the years, they have become an iconic fashion accessory, often associated with being confident, fashion-forward, adventurous, and having a laid-back attitude.


Why We Picked Them


Keeping that classic aviator style while adding a little retro flare, the Coastals allow for more personality while still sticking to tried and true sunglass fashion.


It's classic, it's timeless and it is an essential style of sunglass everyone needs to own. The teardrop shape of the Oasis will complement just about any face shape so this is the one style you can not go wrong with.

An outdoorsy dad thrives in nature and enjoys spending quality time with his family in outdoor activities. That’s why our Eminence and Essential glasses are the perfect pick. Featuring our most lens and frame combinations, there is something for even the pickiest dad while also being durable enough for any adventure.


  Why We picked them


Our Essentials are just that, an essential sunglass for every dad's collection. It's the pair that they can grab and throw in their bag and not have to worry about damaging them while also knowing that they are going to look good. 


The Eminence would be considered the Essentials fraternal twin. Featuring a slightly larger and more squared frame while still being as durable and stylish. You can't go wrong with either, it is simply a matter of preference. 

We all know the kind, the dad that still talks about the 10lb bass that snapped his line or has the one weekend every year circled on his calendar where he gets to spend the entire day laid out on a boat with a beer in his hand.




Why We Picked Them


Simply put, they float! If they ever fall in the water you don't need to dive in after them, you can just scoop them right out.

Tidal Wave:

When out on the water or on the shoreline, bright light will be coming from the sky and also reflecting off of the water. A full frame lens will give you the most amount of coverage; protecting your eyes and allowing you to see clearly.


For the dads with massive melons, colossal craniums, or huge heads. The kind that make normal sunglasses look like a child's pair.



Why We Picked Them

Big Kahuna:

Simply having a well fitting pair of sunglasses will look 1000x better than any undersized pair, regardless of style. There is no better place to start than with the most ubiquitous style. Featuring 16 different lens or frame combinations, there is a pair for everyone.

Coastal XL:

The Coastal XL is the yin to the Big Kahuna's yang. Just like the regular sized Coastal the Coastal XL keeps that classic aviator style while adding a little retro flare; allowing for more personality while still sticking to tried and true sunglass fashion.


Golf Gear:

Courtesy of our friends over at The Pack they will have your dad looking right and feeling amazing on and off the course in their terrybutter full zips and hoodies. Here are some of our favorites






Minimalist Black Sunglasses IconBlack SnowflakeBlack Moto Helmet


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