How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

You love your sunglasses. We know it. Who doesn’t want to keep their eyes safe and look good while doing it? Sunglasses, like all things, need to be taken care of and cherished, it’s the least we can do for them. In this article, we’ll explore some simple things you can do to keep your glasses looking great and extend their lifespan.

Your Hot Car: No Glasses Are Safe

Your car in the summer time becomes a scorching hot oven. Any fragile items left in there will get damaged, sunglasses included. You and I know it’s easy to forget things, happens to the best of us. Still, leaving your sunglasses in your car is something we should avoid at all costs. Even on a normal, average day, the inside of your car can reach upwards of 100 F. Your plastic frames can warp in these conditions, and the lenses/ their coating can get damaged. No matter how nice your frames are, they can’t withstand the extreme heat. Before you leave your car, throw them a bag or a case and take them with you. Even if you don’t plan on wearing your sick shades, it’s better that you have them with you instead of putting them at risk.

Microfiber Cloth: Your Glasses' Best Friend

We’ve all been guilty of it - cleaning your lenses with your graphic tee or the nearest wash cloth. Despite how easy and convenient it is, it’s not the best way to care for your shades. Over time, these materials can add minor scratches to your lenses, and in some cases, erode at your lenses coating. What do you do to avoid this sort of long term damage? Get a microfiber cleaning cloth. Designed with your lens health in mind, these inexpensive little beauties can remove dirt and smudges from lenses with ease. Keep one of these invaluable clothes handy! If you can get some lens cleaner with it too, you’ll keep your lenses looking as new as the day you got them for years.

Simple Dangers: How To Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Our sunglasses go everywhere with us: the beach, work, our favorite restaurant, the gas station, anywhere! The world is a dangerous place for sunglasses. Here’s a few simple habits you can do to keep them as safe as possible. First, don’t place your sunglasses out on a table, especially if you’re eating or drinking. Food and drinks can cause damage to your glasses. Second, make sure you don’t place your glasses in your shirt collar. If you bend over at the wrong angle or turn too fast, your sunglasses could get away from you. Whether they fall on the floor or get flung across the room, putting your shades in your shirt collar opens them up to all new kinds of danger. Your hinges can get strained and worn out too. All of these dangers can be avoided by having a case. A hard case that you can fit in your pocket or place in a bag is the best way to guarantee your glasses stay safe and last longer.

Not All Cleaners Are Created Equal 

Get yourself lens cleaner- it’s cheap, a single bottle can last you months, and keeps your world looking vivid and clear through your shades. Different cleaning chemicals are made for different jobs. Refrain from using glass cleaner, dish soap, vinegar, bleach or other cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are harsh, and not made with your lens’ health in mind; your lenses are delicate. Whether your sunglasses have UV400 coating, blue light, a prescription - any of these can be altered or ruined if you apply harmful cleaners to your glasses. Be sure to use lens cleaner exclusively, alongside a microfiber cloth, and your lenses will be around for many summers to come.

Take Time to Check The Little Things

Everyone needs a little TLC, and so do your shades. Check on your sunglasses often, look over every corner of your trusty pair. Hinges, screws, nose pieces - these tiny parts of your glasses make or break your experience with them. Stay mindful of your hinges, don’t apply pressure on them in unnatural ways. Keep your screws tight, but not too tight. Make sure they aren’t coming loose. Keep your nose pieces adjusted and firm. If the plastic bits begin to look worn or loose, you can easily replace them with a fresh set. Taking care of your sunglasses will make them last that much longer, and keep them looking fresh!

Now you’re prepared to keep your glasses safe. In short, keep your glasses away from dangerous spaces. Your table at your local sports bar, your new car’s blisteringly hot dashboard, or even the collar of your lucky polo, any of these spots can spell D A N G E R for your favorite summer shades. Beyond keeping them safe, take tender care of your sunglasses. Check in on all the small fragile spots of your glasses every now and again. Clean your glasses with only lens cleaner and microfiber clothes and, above all, avoid harmful cleaning chemicals.



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