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    Thick Frame Sunglasses

    Add definition and structure to your face with our range of thick frame sunglasses. Whether you prefer a round-shaped frame or love your cat-eye sunglasses, thicker frames have always been in fashion. Our collection of sunglasses is lightweight and durable in even the harshest of elements. So, if you’re swimming, going for a hike, or lounging by the pool with friends, you can confidently and comfortably rock our thick frame sunglasses all day long.

    Styling your thick frame sunglasses

    If you’re unsure of how best to wear and style your thick sunglasses, we’ve compiled a shortlist of valuable points and tips to help you pick the perfect pair.

  • Shape

  • From round, rectangular, and even square-shaped faces, you can still rock a pair of thick frame sunglasses. This includes styles from cat-eye, square to aviators, and round-shaped sunglasses. Luckily for many oval-faced people, they can wear any shaped glasses, and with the added touch of a thick frame, they can create even more definition and shape. As for triangular-shaped faces, then aviator and cat-eye thick frame sunglasses are perfect as the shape is bold on top and light on the bottom. Whether you’re after thick frame sunglasses for men or women, we can help you select the perfect shaped sunglasses.

  • Color

  • From striking black to neutral browns, you can select various colors of glass frames and lenses depending on your preference, skin tone, skin color, occasion, and UV protection. Perhaps you love rocking polarized green or blue glasses, or if you’re after statement thick frame women sunglasses, then a pair of brown cat-eye framed sunglasses would go perfect with your weekend outdoor ensemble. If you’re out in the sun, we recommend you consider a green-colored lens, as it’s ideal for sunny and low-light environments — plus, it has a way of reducing glare while brightening shadows around you. 

  • Frame

  • Our collection of thick frame sunglasses is versatile, fashionable, and durable. By selecting a thick frame pair of sunnies for your outdoor activities, you’ll not only be wearing sunglasses that can handle harsh environments, but you’ll look as if you just came off the runway.

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