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Rep pack includes 3 shades of your choice plus a shirt or tank!

In "notes to seller" section include which sunglasses and shirt you would like.

You can choose any shirt/tank from our entire collection HERE

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Finally found my go to affordable shades!

Great quality considering the affordable price

This was the best choice. The right amount of product and overall the sunglasses were great. I definitely would recommend to my friends and family. Also they are very affordable considering the quality

Amazing Quality for such a low price! (I am now a Brand Ambassador)

I myself am a sunglass junkie. I Love sunnies and have been on the long hard search for a pair that is not only affordable but of high quality too. I am an avid traveler so finding a good pair of shades is very important. When I first received the package it came packed well and sturdy.

The sunnies also come with their own carrying case. The case itself does not feel extremely high quality but it works. Unlike most sunglass bags. The ones that Detour sunnies come with are padded and open on one side. The sunnies fit snuggly inside so you don't have to worry about them falling out. They are also stylish while providing protection. I have found that I actually prefer this to the regular sinch type of bad as it is easy to take them out. The sunnies themselves blew me away. They were not light in weight so they stayed on my head even when jogging across campus, and did not feel lightweight. The glass part was semi-transparent and when someone else is looking at you, they will be able to see your eyes. For me, I prefer a pair of glasses that are not that transparent, and a little more opaque.

I also found that even though I got the glossy finish the glasses stayed up on my nose. I noticed that with some other brands the sunnies would start to slide down your nose especially on hot days for getting too sweaty. However, with Detour's glasses, I have not had that problem. The only downside I can think of is how the glossy finish is hard to keep clean (fingerprint wise), but as long as you either use your shirt or a glasses cleaner they usually get the job done. (This is not as much of a problem with Detour but with glossy finished sunglasses in general).

Overall these are a great pair of sunnies and I will soon be buying another pair. I honestly prefer these than some of my Oakley or RayBand Pairs that I have. The Quality of Detours sunglasses matches and sometimes exceeds those from Oakley, and nothing beats that amazingly low price for such high-quality sunnies.

Best sunglasses ever!!!

I absolutely love my new shades!! They’re very affordable & honestly look better than expensive brand sunglasses!


Sweet glasses, inexpensive, polarized, I got random pairs and they are all sweet even the style I couldn't see myself wearing I wear.

Very Pleased

These shades are awesome. I love them, thanks for letting me join the rep program!

Sunglasses have Swag!

These sunglasses are stylish and comfortable!!!! Detour always has bargain deals!!!

I friggen love them

Cool, comfy, and durable shades for all occasions.

Fantastic glasses

They work amazing, they are high quality sunglasses and I use them everyday I love them and my purchase was definitely worth it

Best shades I’ve ever purchased

honestly I’m amazed at how they compare to other high end brand sunglasses I own.
They don’t feel cheap and they look great too.
The polarization on then is incredible as well.
Love them!