Essentials - Frosted Clear - Purple Lens Polarized - Essentials
Frosted Clear - Purple Lens Polarized - Essentials

Frosted Clear - Purple Lens Polarized - Essentials

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Our Essential models are the perfect take your shades anywhere sunglasses! The low price and high quality make them great for any adventures you need sunglasses for but aren’t sure if they will make it out alive. At our price point these bad boys wont put a huge dent in your wallet if you happen to lose them or your friends decide to steal a pair off you! Make these bad boys an essential part of your day!

•   Polarized UV400 Protective (to protect those eyes from the nasty UV rays)
•   Impact resistant lenses- FDA approved (to protect your eyes from flying objects!)
•   Free Detour pouch included (to protect your shades from protecting your eyes!)
•   Screwless hinges (perfect for beach days or any salt water activities!)
•   Embedded pineapple logo
•   Laser engraved lens logo


Customer Reviews

Based on 330 reviews
Leslie P.
Pink Breeze

Cute, nice fitting, lenses are dark, keep the brightness out, comfortable to wear, I love them!!!!

Michael A.
Bang for your buck!

A great pair of sunglasses with style and simplicity. Don’t waste your money on expensive sunglasses ever again because Detour is in the spotlight for your sun glass needs.


Super cute, they fit very well. They don't slip off even as I run (literally) around town even on my small-ish head.

Christi G.

I was on the fence about buying these but they're now my favorite pair! They fit my head just right and don't slip down

Ashley C.

These are oeferect for everyday sunglasses for the summer 😎 my bro loves them! Super comfy very light!


I love the style and feel

Pablo F.

These are the perfect sun glasses for the summer time. Light, durable, and super clear to see the world with. Totally recommend!

Tim F.
Very Pleased

I recieved a coupon in my Monsterbass bag last month and thought, why not? Overall I have only them for a couple days, but the fit and performance is better than my Oakleys I have been wearing for years. Will be picking up a couple more pairs for the family here soon.

Good quality for a good price

I lose or break all my sunglasses in the past so I’ve never wanted to spend $100+ for any name brands, bought these to try them out and they look good, lenses are clear and the polarized coating works great, best of all very reasonably priced

John L.
Great Quality- Amazing Price

These replaced an expensive pair of glasses that were lost and I am unbelievably impressed with the quality of these. i love the protective case that comes with it! Polarized glasses on the water will keep you fishing for hours. Great price, great quality, cool shades.