Dino Edition - Red Sunset Lens Polarized - Eminence
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Some might say these shades are dino-mite, others may say they are juras-sick but no matter which way you look at it you're going to want to get your hands on these dino shades before they go extinct!

Frame is matte black with subtle black gloss dino print. Dino gloss print stays pretty hidden until light hits it from the right angle. Pictures don't do this pair justice! If you are a dinosaur fan you will definitely want these in your collection!

Our Eminence models are all equipped with sturdy and comfortable spring hinges, laser engraved lens, raised Detour emblem and a “Create your own destiny” quote printed on the inner arm.

Since life is all about making things happen, whether it is landing that job you want, asking your crush out on a date, or dealing with a fear we decided to slap a "Create your own destiny" quote on the inner arm. Sometimes instead of waiting for things to fall into place you have to go out and make it happen! Life is too short to wait for things to happen, you have to go out and get it! The only person in charge of your journey is you!

•    UV400 Protective (to protect those eyes from the nasty UV rays)
•    Impact resistant lenses- FDA approved (to protect your eyes from flying objects!)
•    Free Detour pouch included (to protect your shades from protecting your eyes!)


Sizing: 5.75” x 5.5” x 1.875

Customer Reviews

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cant wait to use them

just missed the delivery wanted them for Panama trip but they will get worked on the water this summer

Sweet Shades!

Wasn't sure what to expect with my first pair of Detour shades, but I am very happy. They are very well built and feel solid, nothing flimsy or wobbly. They are very light and fit well on the face. Can't wait to get them out hiking or fishing and see how they perform. I love the red mirror lenses and they even come with a cool case! Thumbs up!!

Awesome sunnies

These glasses are great, the polarised lens are perfect for those sunny days and the frame feels light. Great pair of sunglasses would recommend!


Best look for the summer. The style and price makes it easy to come back for more

Great Sunglasses

These sunglasses a comfortable, comfortable and the lenses are very nice. Combine this with the outstanding value for money makes this an easy five star pair of sunglasses. Will be purchasing more pairs in the future!


I love my new shades from Detour! Style and quality shouldn't have to be expensive. Lenses are worth the money alone! Detour is now the official sunglasses of me. Legit.

My new go to glasses

Will be the first pair I pick up. Nice enough that you want to wear em. Affordable enough it's not the end of the world should they go missing.

Second pair

These shades are in my regular rotation for anything casual, beach, golf, fly fishing etc. Nice fit and looks on par with brand 3x the price

Love them

Perfect for the lake or driving! Loving the lenses!!


Great sunglasses bought them for the lake they fit perfect