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Jungle Vibes - Jet Black

All snow goggles feature our QuickGrip magnetic lens system and HI-FI high contrast lenses making it easy to spot any changes in terrain! Easily pop your lens on and off to swap lens colors in a matter of seconds! Each frame and lens has eight strong magnets that will secure your lens in place until you are ready to swap it out. The magnets securely lock the lens into the frame channels so there will be 0% chance the lens will move or fall out. If you don’t love your new goggles (you will) you can send them back for a full refund!


-HI-FI High Contrast Lens

-Quick Grip Magnetic Lens System

-Anti-Scratch + Anti-Fog Lens

-Water Repellent Lens

-100% UV Protection

-VLT = 17.9% Visual Light Transmittance (good for sunny/cloudy days)

-Three Layer Frame Foam with Fleece Lining

-Anti-Slip Silicone Strap

-Hard Protective Case Included


Quick Grip Magnetic Lens

Our Quick Grip Magnetic Lens System uses super strong rare-earth magnets (the strongest type of magnets made from alloys of rare-earth elements) to keep your lens attached to the frame even during the gnarliest of wipeouts. These bad boys seriously are not going anywhere until you're ready to swap your lens out!


Anti Fogging Technology

Eliminating fog is the name of the game! All our goggles have vents on the top and bottom of the frame that help keep the airflow circulating. On top of that all our lenses are double layered and made with anti-fogging coating built into the lens itself. This means the coating is permanent and cannot be wiped away after cleaning the inside of your lens like most of the anti fog coatings other companies use. The cause of fogging in the first place is when the inside of your goggles are a lot warmer than the outside, which is why air circulation is crucial. Another important thing to remember is that if your face mask is tucked under your goggles the hot air trapped in your face mask is going to make its way upward and will add to the heat inside your goggles, that is no bueno for any goggles.


The Lens

Lenses feature our Hi-Fi lens! Hi-Fi is our high contrast filter we build into our lenses to help define terrain and make everything super clear! All lenses have an anti-scratch coating, are 100% UV protective, and as mentioned above feature two layers to help fight fogging. Each color lens has a different VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating. The higher the VLT number the more light that comes through. For example our Crystal Clear Lens has a VLT of 82% which is great for night time or very low light conditions and our Ice Blue Lens has a VLT of 11% and is awesome for sunny/ overcast days. All other colors fall somewhere in between these two.


The Frame

Our frames are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is super flexible without the lens attached and is the same material the big brand names are using and charging an arm and a leg for. These frames will be able to take any impact you throw at it and it will never crack or break! Every frame also is lined with triple layer foam and finished with a fleece lining for maximum comfort! Your face will thank you :)


In our opinion we have some of the raddest strap patterns in the industry! But not only do they need to look good they need to perform good! How does a strap perform? It stays in place! And that is why every strap is lined with our anti-slip silicone waves.

Helmet Compatible

Our goggles our compatible with most snow and mx helmets!


The Case

Protecting your investment is the best way to ensure your new goggles stay in tip top shape! With every pair of our goggles you are getting a hard case for FREE to keep them safe! We also sell protective stretch lens sleeves that we highly recommend for cleaning and a super easy way to protect your lens when on the move!



Our goggles are backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty! Don't be fooled by competitors "lifetime warranty". If you read the fine print they are only under warranty for the lifetime of the product which is typically only 1-2 years.

Customer Reviews

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PowPowe- tie dye goggles with blue lenses

Amazing quality. I am in love with these goggles and will be buying more.


Everything is great! Product and customer service is a 10/10!! Love it

Best goggles I've ever worn

I have worn different kind of goggles but this one is my favorite! A very good quality and it looks amazing. I tend to have issue with goggles fogs up and I have not gotten any problem with my detour goggles yet. I absolutely recommend these!

Love them

Cute and stylish don’t fog up, 100% love. Came very quick as well

Awesome sauce

Incredible quality and fit. Look amazing and def. live up to the hype!

Unreal goggles

These goggles are amazing. Just used them for the first time in blizzard-like conditions and cannot express how fantastic they are. I have a fairly small head and was worried about the unisex sizing but honestly they fit great. Will definitely be ordering more lenses :)

Beauty goggles

Gf can't wait to use thsm

Love these!

Super comfortable and love how you can change the lenses! Would recommend!

Finally got them.

After a month of delayed shipping I finally got my goggles. After no reassurance from detour, I was worried I would never give them. Wish this company would have reached out to give their customers some peace of mind.

Hi Ryan, glad you got the goggles. Unfortunately if you did not reach out to us there was no way for us to know your package was delayed. We would have been more than happy to explain the USPS delays a lot of packages were seeing due to the holidays/Covid. We hope there will not be a 'next time' with these delays but if for some reason there is any delays you are seeing on future orders definitely reach out! Thanks!


I used this for the very first time when I shredded at Kirkwood with my friend! THEY’RE AMAZING TRULY! never fogged up for a single second— even going down black diamonds! I recommend 100/10!!!