Meet The Founder

Hi! Chris here again! I didn’t want to blow up your phone with a super long text so I figured this would be easier. I know the whole texting thing is a little more personal than receiving an email so I thought it would be fair to introduce myself so you can somewhat get an idea of who is texting you! Like I said I’m Chris, the founder of Detour. Below is a picture of my pup and I rocking our ugly xmas sweaters! I am into snowboarding, wakeboarding/surfing, being on the lake, and honestly anything outside! Which is why I love making a product that people can use while doing all those things. Most of us don’t have deep pockets to be throwing money at something that doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to look super good and function even better!

 Like many of you I don’t like when companies just beat me email after email with promotions that are barely promotions. That being said I will personally be controlling the texts that go out to make sure we aren't over stepping. At most you will get one text from me per month (it will honestly probably be much less frequent than that). I am making it a point to only send discounts or specials that I think are truly worth it for you guys. It was hard for me to pull the trigger on this texting platform but I think it is truly worth it for us both! One part of it that I actually really like is that if you respond the text will go to me. So feel free to send any questions you have about the promotions, our company/product, or even if you just want to say hi!

If you didn’t receive a text from us but stumbled upon this page and want to receive texts you can opt in HERE

If you did get the text and don’t want to hear from me anymore (I won’t be mad.. just disappointed) you can respond to the text with the prompt at the bottom and you will be removed from all future texts. But really, as I mentioned text is a bit more personal so if you want out I totally get it, no worries at all!

And as always thank you guys for the support! From just a like and follow on Instagram to telling your friends about us, everything helps us keep doing what we’re doing and we appreciate it way more than you think!

And never forget, no matter where you are in life keep doing what you are passionate about because at the end of the day we are all just kids chasing our dreams!

Chris Venturini
Founder (but also just a regular dude that doesn't like paying a lot for sunglasses either)

(I apologize for the crappy signature. I thought it would look cool and professional but I forgot I write like a 5 year old)