What are ANSI Z87 and Z87+ Safety Glasses?


Workplace safety is vital for many work environments. When it comes to protecting our eyes, safety glasses play a vital role. Among the various safety standards, Z87 and Z87+ are widely recognized as benchmarks for eye protection. Construction workers, laboratory technicians and automotive technicians, any industry worker, can keep their eyes safe when on the job with Z87 lenses. In this article, we will dive into what Z87 and Z87+ safety glasses are, what sets them apart from other lenses, and how they keep your eyes safe from potential hazards.

What is Z87? 

Z87, often referred to as ANSI Z87, stands for the American National Standards Institute's standard for occupational and educational eye protection. The Z87 standard establishes criteria for safety glasses, goggles, and face shields, ensuring they provide adequate protection against a range of potential hazards. These hazards may include impact from flying objects/debris, splashes of hazardous chemicals, and exposure to harmful radiation.

In short ANSI Z87 and Z87+ is a safety rating to ensure the eyewear passes strict impact testing in order to protect your eyes in the case that a projectile or any object strikes your safety glasses.

Here at Detour, we set our lenses apart from the others by injection molding our lenses, instead of applying it as an adhesive like most other Z87 polarized lenses. This process allows for the lens to form around the polarization filter instead of the polarization being applied afterwards as an adhesive. What this means for users: the lenses won’t delaminate over time and they can withstand much higher temperatures. Take a look at both our polarized and clear lens z87 glasses HERE if you need a reliable, sturdy and sleek pair . 

Understanding Z87+ 

Z87+ enhances the safety and protective capabilities of safety glasses. Z87+ certification signifies that the eyewear meets or surpasses the rigorous testing criteria of the Z87 standard. Z87+ safety glasses undergo additional testing for high-velocity impact, providing an extra layer of protection against projectiles and particles that could appear in hazardous environments. Many Z87+ rated glasses wrap around your face in order to ensure eye safety from all angles. Other brands offer additional ‘side clips’ that turn ANSI Z87 frames into Z87+ frames with ease. At Detour, the Z87+ side shields we offer, for our Z87 certified models of the Big Kahuna and Eminencetransform either pair into Z87+ certified glasses. 

Key Features of Z87 and Z87+ Safety Glasses 

Z87 and Z87+ safety glasses share several key features that make them essential for eye protection:

  • Impact Resistance: Both Z87 and Z87+ safety glasses are designed to withstand high-velocity impacts from various angles, reducing the risk of eye injuries caused by flying objects or debris.
  • Optical Clarity: Safety glasses meeting Z87 and Z87+ standards maintain optical clarity to ensure clear vision and minimize distortions, allowing workers to perform tasks with precision and confidence.
  • Durability: These safety glasses are made with robust materials to withstand harsh working conditions and extended use, providing long-lasting eye protection.

Prescription Compatibility

Many Z87 and Z87+ safety glasses can be customized with prescription lenses, allowing individuals with vision impairments to benefit from adequate eye protection without compromising visual acuity.

Selecting the Right Safety Glasses 

Choosing the appropriate safety glasses is crucial to ensure effective eye protection. When selecting Z87 or Z87+ safety glasses, consider the following:

  • Hazard Assessment: Assess the specific hazards present in your work environment, such as impact, chemicals, or radiation. Different hazards may require specialized lens coatings or additional features.
  • Fit and Comfort: Proper fit and comfort are essential for extended wear. Ensure the safety glasses sit securely on your face and do not cause discomfort or apply excessive pressure. 
  • Lens Options: Depending on your work requirements, select the appropriate lens type, such as clear, tinted, or polarized lenses, to optimize visibility and eye comfort.


Z87 and Z87+ safety glasses provide a reliable defense for your eyes in various work settings. Their adherence to strict safety standards ensure your eyes are shielded from potential hazards, allowing you to work with confidence and give you peace of mind. Remember to select safety glasses that suit your specific needs and comply with the safety regulations of your workplace. Prioritizing eye safety is a vital step towards maintaining a secure and productive work environment. Check out our full collection of Z87 and Z87+ eyewear HERE to make sure your eyes are protected for whatever life throws at you!



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