How to Choose Sunglasses for Every Outfit: A Style Guide by Detour Sunglasses


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In the world of fashion, sunglasses play a pivotal role in completing an outfit and elevating your style. The right pair of sunglasses not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but also adds an element of sophistication and allure to your overall look. Whether you are strolling on the beach, attending a formal event, or simply running errands, Detour Sunglasses is here to guide you on how to choose the perfect pair of shades for every outfit.

Understanding Face Shape

Before delving into the diverse styles of sunglasses, it is essential to know your face shape. Different face shapes require different frame styles to create a harmonious and balanced look. Common face shapes include round, oval, square, heart, and diamond.

  • Round face: Angular frames like square or rectangular shapes work best to add structure and definition to soft features.
  • Oval face: Lucky you! Oval faces can pull off most frame styles with ease due to their balanced proportions.
  • Square face: Rounded or oval frames soften strong jawlines and add a touch of femininity or sophistication.
  • Heart face: Cat-eye or aviator sunglasses can complement a heart-shaped face by balancing the forehead and jawline.
  • Diamond face: Look for rimless or oval frames that highlight the eyes and cheekbones while softening the overall appearance.

Classic Aviator for Timeless Appeal

For a versatile and timeless choice, consider Detour Sunglasses' classic aviator frames. Originally designed for pilots, aviators have become a style staple for both men and women. These teardrop-shaped frames exude a sense of adventure and are perfect for casual outfits. Pair them with jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket for an effortlessly cool and chic look.

Chic Cat-Eye for Feminine Charm

If you want to add a touch of retro-inspired femininity to your outfit, cat-eye sunglasses are the way to go. Detour Sunglasses offers an array of cat-eye frames that suit various face shapes. For a romantic date night or a brunch with friends, pair these stylish shades with a floral dress or high-waisted trousers and a fitted blouse.

Bold Oversized Frames for Glamorous Vibes

Make a fashion statement with oversized frames that exude confidence and glamour. Perfect for a day at the beach or a summer pool party, these larger-than-life shades effortlessly elevate any outfit. A flowing maxi dress or a stylish swimsuit paired with oversized sunglasses will keep you looking fabulous and chic.

Sporty Wraparound for Active Days

For those who lead an active lifestyle, Detour Sunglasses offers a range of sporty wraparound frames. These sunglasses provide excellent coverage and protection, making them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or playing sports. Wear them with your favorite athleisure ensemble to enhance your sporty and energetic appearance.

Timeless Wayfarer for Unisex Appeal

The classic wayfarer design is a unisex favorite that never goes out of style. With its bold and distinctive look, the wayfarer complements a wide range of outfits, from casual to semi-formal. Team them up with jeans, a graphic tee, and a blazer for a chic urban vibe or with a sundress for a laid-back yet polished summer look.


Choosing the right zunglasses for every outfit doesn't have to be a daunting task. Understanding your face shape and opting for styles that match your personality will ensure you always look fabulous in any setting. Detour Sunglasses provides a wide selection of high-quality sunglasses, so you're sure to find the perfect pair to complement your style.

Remember, sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory – they are a vital tool for protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. With Detour Sunglasses' style guide, you can confidently rock any outfit with the right pair of shades, making a statement wherever you go. So, elevate your fashion game and step out in style with Detour Sunglasses!

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