Quick Grip Lens - Crystal Clear
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All snow goggles feature our magnetic lens system! Easily pop your lens on and off to swap lens colors in a matter of seconds! Each frame and lens has eight strong magnets that will secure your lens in place until you are ready to swap it out. The magnets securely lock the lens into the frame channels so there will be 0% chance the lens will move or fall out. If you don’t love your new goggles (you will) you can send them back for a full refund!


-Anti-Scratch + Anti-Fog Lens

-Water Repellent Lens

-100% UV Protection

-VLT = 82% Visual Light Transmittance (good for night time)

-Stretch Goggle Protector Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews

They are f*cking awesome

Great goggles!

I bought the clear, rose, blue and black lens for my Detour goggles and they are all awesome! The magnetic lenses make changing them so easy! Highly recommend!


Got them in the other day and they are great! Couldn’t ask for a better pair without breaking the bank. Fits over glasses as well for us who aren’t as gifted with sight :)

Great Goggles!

I purchased these goggles because my old ones would fog up far too often while snowboarding. since getting these goggles i have not had a problem with them fogging up once after about 5 trips to the slopes. they are very comfortable and the magnetic lenses are really cool and convienent!

Worth It!

Haven’t bought a pair of goggles in a few years and needed a pair. So glad I took the time to research and buy a pair from Detour, not only are the goggles comfortable on the face and head, the lens offer a stellar view and they do not fog up easily. Plus the interchangeable lens using magnetic links instead of having to fiddle with flimsy and tough to remove insert lens definitely a huge perk. Love the googles definitely will be checking out more products from this company. Detour keep up the great work!

Great goggles!

Really comfortable goggles, super strong magnets and lenses that are awesome at cutting the glare.

A Diamond In The Rough

These goggles are amazing. Comparable quality to Smith or Spy, but much cheaper and easier to use and switch lenses. I bought these because its too expensive for me to buy more lenses for my Smith I07s, and I am more than delighted with the product. I will be buying some more lenses from this company.

Very good quality but...

Maybe talking about how to take care of them on the package or something, because I forgot to dry them the first time I used them and the magnets started to get a little rusty.

Rose Quartz lens

Used this lens on an overcast day and had good visibility. Magnets are very secure and lens looks great.

Awesome Goggles!!

These goggles are super comfortable and really cut the glare on the slopes. I used them for the first time on a bright sunny day skiing and I was amazed at how much better they were than my old ones at cutting glare without being too dark. I used them right up till dusk with no problems seeing, even when it was getting dark. Good value