Matte Gray - Green Lens Polarized - Essentials
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Our Essential models are the perfect take your shades anywhere sunglasses! The low price and high quality make them great for any adventures you need sunglasses for but aren’t sure if they will make it out alive. At our price point these bad boys wont put a huge dent in your wallet if you happen to lose them or your friends decide to steal a pair off you! Make these bad boys an essential part of your day!
Since life is all about making things happen, whether it is landing that job you want, asking your crush out on a date, or dealing with a fear we decided to stamp a debossed "Create your own destiny" quote on the inner arm. Sometimes instead of waiting for things to fall into place you have to go out and make it happen! Life is too short to wait for things to happen, you have to go out and get it! The only person in charge of your journey is you!

•   Polarized UV400 Protective (to protect those eyes from the nasty UV rays)
•   Impact resistant lenses- FDA approved (to protect your eyes from flying objects!)
•   Free Detour pouch included (to protect your shades from protecting your eyes!)
•   Screwless hinges (perfect for beach days or any salt water activities!)

•   Embedded pineapple logo
•   Laser engraved lens logo

 Sizing: 5.75” x 5.56” x 2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews

One of the best deals on sunglasses out there. Super comfy, actually polarized, and free shipping. Will be coming back for more soon.


I have about 8 pairs of Detour shades now because they are so awesome!! Great quality that doesn't break the bank. Love them!!

I’m a lifetime customer

I have been wounded detour shades since 2011. Their frames are the only ones that I need for my migraines. I have sensitive eyes. No other expensive name brand sunglasses does what Fetour sunglasses do! I will keep buying this is my 5th pair. I love the black ones it’s perfect to block out the bright sun. I am on my fifth pair because I wait until my previous ones get loose or break that I buy a new one. But Detour will always get my money. Thanks guys your fames fit perfectly and I get compliments all the time. The. I have to explain oh, I found this company 3 years ago when I was in college! Haha look how far we’ve come. Keep them frames coming!

Awesome Shades!

They keep the glare out nicely!! Love in Canada were the snow glare can be bad and these are awesome!

Awesome shades

Love my new sunnies! Will for sure be ordering more I the near future

Great sunglasses

Great for the price love to wear them out in the sun


Love them!

Detour Fangirl

I love detour sunnies, they last, they’re durable and they fit really snug, the Goldilocks of sunglasses, not too big, not too small, just right. Awesome range of colours and frames. Black & Coral are one of my favs


Great shades


These sunglasses are nothing short of amazing, since my eyes are super sensitive to light I go through sunglasses. These sunglasses are great for a bright winter day or for driving during a high glare low light situation. All of my next sunglasses are going to be from Detour